Committee Membership

Standing committees will consist of two individuals as co-chairs. For purposes of the two-thirds quorum for Executive Board changes, the quorum will be based on committee representation rather than total number of members.  There are currently six standing committees, below you will find a description of each committee and their responsibilities.

Membership: Develop a marketing plan to encourage and increase membership; coordinate a membership drive; monitor membership dues, which will be paid via the website; ensure that an annual membership list is published through the OTC Website.

Professional Development: Plan and implement outreach and education on issues of transfer for OTC membership and those professionals we serve; promote and coordinate the OTC conference; scholarships.

Annual Conference: Plan, promote, and coordinate yearly conference; select speakers and facilitators; determine conference fees; select location and other duties as determined.

Scholarship: Educate and promote about transfer scholarship opportunities; establish guidelines and maintain stewardship of OTC scholarship funds.

Ohio Department of Higher Education Issues: Serve as OTC Representative to the Articulation & Transfer Advisory Council of Ohio Department of Education and report to the Executive Board and to the membership.

Communications: Shall consist of the following sub-committees:

  • Elections/Nominating: Create a slate of candidates for the offices of President-Elect, Treasurer-Elect, and Secretary for annual elections; send out ballots no later than one month prior to the Annual Conference; tally results and report election and to the membership at the Annual Conference.
  • Publications: Develop and publish the newsletter and organizational brochures; keep all materials updated; maintain all communication materials; design letterhead for OTC. 
  • Transfer Fair Calendar: Contact all community colleges in Ohio to ascertain transfer calendar dates and compile a comprehensive transfer college fair calendar and post to the OTC website.

  • Website: Review, design and maintain the OTC website; gather information from the OTC Executive Board and Committee Chairs and distribute this information via the OTC website; manage the collection of dues through the website; publish a list of OTC members.
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